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When A Healthy Diet Isn't Worth The Effort


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Common Pain Pills Linked To Deadly Heart Rhythm Problem

28 July 2011

Common Pain Pills Linked To Deadly Heart Rhythm Problem

Dying For Pain Relief? Common pain medications, both prescription and O.T.C., have been linked to Atrial fibrillation - a potentially deadly condition that can result in heart failure and strokes. These drugs include such common Over-The-Counter (O.T.C) favorites as [...Read more here]

Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club Forced Out Of Business?

The FDA is once again up to it's old tricks, proving just how tightly wedded they are to their masters in Big Pharma. This report is provided to us by Alliance for [... Read More Here]

Neurological Disease: Advice You Won't Hear From Your Conventional Doctor

Recently I've had a lot of people asking about what to do for neurological conditions. Here's my best "general" advice [...Read more here]

Nine Simple Steps To Rejuvenate Your Heart

Do you recall a time when you were younger and had absolutely no worries about your heart? After all  [...Read more here]

Is Following A Healthy Diet Really A Good Thing?

There are sometimes "healthy" things that people do in the hopes of "living longer" that actually [...Read more here]

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