quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010

Bogus Breast Cancer Research

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Why The Little Pink Ribbon Has Me Seeing Red

28 October 2010

Dr. Myatt is devoting this issue of HealthBeat News to the subject of Breast Cancer since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - So, read on!

Bogus Breast Cancer Research

October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month," and little pink ribbons are as plentiful as Halloween candy. Have you ever given money to breast cancer research or purchased a "little pink ribbon" to show your support [...Read more here]

Breast Cancer Prevention: Dr. Myatt's Recommendations

Mammograms are not prevention; they are "early detection."   In addition to the 30-50% of women who have unnecessary biopsies for "false negative results," several large metanalysies have shown NO DECREASE IN BREAST CANCER MORTALITY due to mammograms [...Read more here]

Smoking For 'The Little Pink Ribbon'

In keeping with this month's theme of breast cancer prevention, we offer this view of "The Little Pink Ribbon" campaigns by Mike Adams [...Read more here]



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